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In March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic started significantly impacting Latin America, Agora Partnerships called on other leading entrepreneurial support organizations of the region to organize. An initial group formed Emprendedores Frente al COVID-19 to coordinate and align efforts in support of purpose-driven small businesses and entrepreneurs facing economic challenges provoked by the health crisis.

Recognizing that coordination and alignment shouldn’t only happen when a crisis strikes, the group entered into a process of collaborative strategic planning in order to create a backbone structure that would stand the test of time. The Task Force for Economic, Social and Environmental Recovery in Latin America was thereby born and to date is made up of 65+ accelerators, incubators, ecosystem builders, consulting agencies, and other small business support organizations across Latin America.

Our members

Our purpose

Our purpose is to unite entrepreneurial support organizations around a common voice, elevate our footprint on the global stage, and become the reference point for building purpose-driven entrepreneurial ecosystems in order to create a more just and sustainable Latin America. We do this principally by:

  • Creating a space for communication, coordination, collaboration, and partnership-building between support organizations from countries across the Latin American entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  • Identifying problems and needs of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to influence public policy, private and/or global initiatives

  • Serving as a source of information, resources, solutions, and efforts of ecosystem actors to support entrepreneurs throughout Latin America.

How we operate

We divide our operations into 5 working groups and offer a variety of participation levels depending on the member’s commitment are able to make.

  1. Fundraising and Institutional Relations: Generate relationships with external entities for a strategic alliance. Raise funds for task force operations and execution of initiatives.
  2. Alliances and Internal Collaboration: Promote collaborative work among the member organizations of the task force.
  3. Knowledge and Data Management: Manage knowledge collection and dissemination to the ecosystem
  4. Communications and Marketing: Manage external stakeholder and internal member communication.
  5. Governance: Centralize governance and decision-making for the efforts carried out in the task force

The Task Force is a backbone organization that aligns members around a common vision and agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, and continuous communication.

With this collaborative approach, we aim to create an ecosystem that buffers the region against future challenges and positions it for the new paradigms ahead.



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