We accelerate development by promoting projects with impact

What is Koga?

Koga is a B company that drives entrepreneurs and SMEs to be the best for the world. Its purpose is to accelerate development by promoting projects with impact.

How does it do it?

Working in different ways for more and more enterprises to contribute to development:

  • Generating opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors.
  • Forming entrepreneurs at all levels.
  • Driving competitions to empower impact ideas.
  • Incubing and accelerating entrepreneurship.
  • Offering co-working spaces and a network of contacts.
  • Creating a network of content that inspires action through Gramo talks.

What are the projects that Koga has?

The projects are:

  • The incubator and accelerator.
  • Gramo.
  • Training Spaces: Transformers and Bootcamp.
  • Contests: How to Connect and Solutions for the Future.
  • In-company: services for companies such as Impact Day and other custom-made.
  • Network of mentors.
  • Network of angel investors.

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