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In the race to scale a business, everyone moves at their own pace. Some startups seem to be going slowly only to unexpectedly take giant strides forward. Others appear to be heading the wrong way when actually they have figured out a shortcut that nobody else had noticed. The founders and startups that defy the norms and end up setting the pace are often those who have a deep understanding of best practices and are able to learn from the successes and failures of others in and beyond their environment and sector.

VC4A is on a mission to offer support for every stage of the startup journey. Being VentureReady means being capable, agile and responsive to the internal and external needs and opportunities your venture needs to deal with. VentureReady Hacks are bite-size video clips where top tips and hacks are shared by business experts and seasoned investors from the VC4A community.

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If any of these hacks spark a curiosity to learn more, you can head over to the recommended Startup Academy Course or module where the ideas shared are followed up in more detail with great insights.

For real-time online mentorship, click through to the Mentorship Marketplace where you can make a mentorship request reaching hundreds of qualified mentors. For advice on how to initiate, structure and develop a great relationship with mentors, check out the Mentorwise Podcast.

For perspectives entrepreneurs can closely relate to, we also showcase founders of some of the most exciting startups in the VC4A community for them to share their story and offer their best advice in the Founder Series.

Through these knowledge nuggets, we hope you get the support you need to think through and tackle the myriad of startup challenges along your journey!