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Mentorship Marketplace

VC4A believes mentorship is core to unlocking the full potential of entrepreneurs

After gaining years of experience with matching mentors and entrepreneurs, VC4A is introducing a completely new Mentorship Marketplace where entrepreneurs are able to discover seasoned business experts focused on Africa and Latin America and apply to the preferred mentor for support.

There are many promising entrepreneurs out there building companies with amazing potential. Are you interested in supporting them in their journey?

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How to become a mentor

1Register as a mentor

• Create a profile and join the network
• Get a mentor badge
• Offer mentorship for free or at a fee

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2Be listed as a mentor

• Entrepreneurs will be able to browse mentors
• And send requests – which are screened by VC4A
• Join an onboarding call by VC4A

3Start mentoring

• Assess each incoming request and decide
• Determine the scope of the conversation
• Set the ground rules

Why mentor?

1Give back

Invest your time by sharing knowledge
and insights based on experience and expertise

2Make connections

Invest your network by connecting your mentees to the right people in your network to explore partnerships

3Build lasting relationships

Through mentorship you can expand your
professional network