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Mentorship provides an opportunity for experienced professionals and founders to help build more successful startups that will create more jobs and transform economies.
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Are you looking to become a mentor?

Join over 400 mentors helping to grow and scale innovative ventures across Africa, LatAm & beyond.
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What you stand to gain when you become a mentor

There’s lots of value that can be unlocked by members of our vibrant community, aiding the advancement of their mentorship journeys.
  • Connect with diverse founders building promising businesses in emerging markets
  • Get an opportunity to mentor and invest in high growth startups
  • Learn more about mentor driven capital from our Academy
  • Connect with like-minded professionals and founders in our Mentorship Marketplace
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Mentor Driven Capital

Creating value for startups by sharing the knowledge, experience and network gained over the course of a career, actively supporting founders to maximize the return on investment.
  • Learn to offer more than just money to startup founders
  • Learn how to get into angel investment
  • Learn how to help startups create real value through your experiences
  • Learn how to improve your investment outcomes through mentorship

Top mentors

Explore our curated list of top ranked mentors on the VC4A Mentorship Marketplace.
  • Mentor Profile image of Reina Flor Okori Makendengue
    Reina Flor Okori Makendengue
    Groningen , Netherlands
    I’m a 4x Olympic Athlete with a strong respect and honor for Africa  our collective genesis. I believe her children afro-descendant are the world’s fu…
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  • Mentor Profile image of Inemesit Dike
    Inemesit Dike
    Lagos, Nigeria
    Hello my name is Inemesit Dike, an Attorney and Counsel at Law, Nigeria and New York USA. For over 16 years, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur buildin…
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  • Mentor Profile image of Emily Wakasa
    Emily Wakasa
    Nairobi, Kenya
    I am a seasoned micro finance expert who transited into Independent Enterprise consultancy offering Business development support services through tra…
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Join us to create a world where the number and quality of ventures improve over time and represent the transformation of every industry in Africa, LatAm & beyond.