How to define a growth strategy, by Sylvie Dalode – Startup Setup 8

“Growth” is a broad term often overused in business. As a founder, defining what specifically you mean by growth, is essential. On the African continent, “Entrepreneurs are gap closers” according to Sylvie Dalode, Business advisor at Strategic Bridges. In this hack she explains how the kind of change needed to close that gap is part of the way founders can define what “growth” means for them.

VentureReady Hacks with Sylvia Dalode

How to define a growth strategy, by Sylvie Dalode – Startup Setup 8

Startup Setup series

Maybe you are figuring out what kind of company to set up or exploring an idea you want to develop; You may have a few doubts, dilemmas, misconceptions, and questions that you’d like to clear up for yourself before you quit your day job. Starting a business is a major decision not to be taken lightly, but it’s also a great adventure. Like everything in life, the way you start is likely to have a lingering impact on everything that follows. The Startup Setup series of hacks is about helping you prepare for life as a startup founder or leader. The best advice you can get is from those who successfully traveled that same path, who are farther along in their journey, or who have spent a lot of time in the ecosystem working alongside budding entrepreneurs.

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