Building Opportunities for Solid Livelihoods

10 years of consulting on financial inclusion and strengthening of companies

Who we are

SOLLIV-Constructing Opportunities for Solid Livelihoods, S.C. is a boutique office that provides specialized consulting and training in financial inclusion, financing capacity building and strengthening of SMEs.

Solliv was constituted in 2009 by experts with extensive experience and long international experience in cooperatives and microfinance institutions, banks, government institutions and organizations.

We carry out consultancy and training projects in Mexico and Latin America, addressing the specific needs of each of our clients and their target population. In our projects we collaborate with a wide network of specialized consultants.

Our clients are financial providers, national and international foundations, government institutions, development banks, SMEs, support agencies, associations, and civil society organizations.


Consulting and strategic advice for innovation and change
  • We offer applied research and workshops for the development of new operational and organizational strategies.
  • We provide consulting for private and public institutions that seek to promote financial inclusion and strengthen SMEs.
  • We support our clients in the development of new operational and organizational strategies. We implement strategic workshops, using participatory methodologies and facilitating strategic discussions at the executive level.
  • We work   with middle managers and operational teams in strategic planning and change implementation.
We generate data and information for strategic decision making
  • We perform applied research to identify needs, habits and financial preferences of the target population of financial institutions, government and support agencies.
  • information and novel data, which serve our clients to define organizational and market strategies focused on financial inclusion and development of startups, small businesses and family businesses.
  • We perform results and impact assessments with strategic focus, using quantitative and qualitative methodologies according to the objectives of each program and each organization.
  • We define together with our clients measurement indicators, we propose methodologies and tools of analysis. We implement the assessment or form teams of evaluators in the organizations.
Training and workshops to generate strategic development, change and wellbeing
  • We design and implement virtual and face-to-face seminars and workshops. Our agenda includes financial inclusion, strengthening of SMEs, financial resilience, innovation strategies, leadership, change management, and other issues.
  • We offer conferences on current trends in financial inclusion, strengthening SMEs and leadership.




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