Higher School of Economics and Business

ESEN is an institution of higher education, private, non-profit, located in the city of Santa Tecla, department of La Libertad, El Salvador. The ESEN, which is born out of a significant and decisive effort by a group of entrepreneurs, offers three undergraduate programs, under an academic excellence approach and opportunity for all: the Bachelor of Economics and Business (since 1994), the Bachelor of Legal Sciences (since 2003) and Business Engineering (since 2009).

The ESEN has a student population of approximately 800 students, and has more than 1500 graduates.

ESEN Vision:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Opportunity for All

For each element of ESEN’s vision, the following is understood:

Academic excellence: To provide the best possible academic experience for our students, seeking to prepare them for later entry into working life or graduate programs.

Opportunity for all: to offer everyone who has the academic capacity and approves our selective admission process, regardless of their economic condition, the option to study in ESEN.

The mission of the ESEN, for which we strive day by day, prays like this:

  • “Forming future leaders of El Salvador and Central America in a comprehensive way, so that they can perform with dynamism and vision in the private and public sectors.
  • Contributing, with academic excellence, to creating a critical mass of professionals that promotes the sustained development of the region.”



Targets El Salvador
Sectors Sector agnostic