We democratize access to social innovation and entrepreneurship

What do we do?

We are a center of education in social innovation, which provides spaces for linkage, articulation and entrepreneurship. Through our sustainable actions methodology we manage to empower our participants with local needs and provide them with accompanying solutions.

Where are we?


Collaborative space for entrepreneurs, educational labs and community programs.


Educational labs and soon collaborative space for entrepreneurs.

Galapagos Isabela

Educational Labs and Community Programs


Educational Labs and Community Programs

Online Academy

We develop short, easy-to-access, easy-to-attend, methodology with a lot of learning.


  • What is the School Lead?: The NEW generation of LEADERS that transforms problems into OPPORTUNITIES

It is an experience of experiential leadership that focuses on delivering knowledge on issues of social innovation, creative tools and skills for personal development. Our goal is to form, connect and visit new leadership through the development of challenges that strengthen personal capabilities, connect with social problems and propose changes through projects.

  • Undertaking: Entrepreneurship program that contributes to the sustainable urban development of the

This program strengthens the capacities of small and medium entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in peripheral and rural neighborhoods. In addition, it provides support through the creation of a local network of entrepreneurship, the co-creation of local identities of neighborhoods and the activation of neighborhoods through entrepreneurship and cultural activities, this program contributes to the sustainable urban development of neighborhoods and the creation of local ecosystems enterprise.



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