Alterna Impact

We are a platform for social innovation

What do we do?

Grow Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Germinos, we develop and empower impact business models and connect them with capital, solutions and market. The DNA of each entrepreneur is unique and we grow from different approaches:

    • Cultivation: We accompany new entrepreneurs, micro and small entrepreneurs from complex or isolated contexts, to start their own impact business route through a methodology that frees up their potential.
    • Impact Cultivation We are interested in activating and developing companies that exist with a clear purpose of improving the reality we inhabit. We do this together with allies and experts through tools and connections that enable them to reach their maturity.

We connect

Articulos narratives, visions and experiences, thus developing a regional ecosystem in search of a more sustainable world.

    • Connections to capital, market, and solutions

What moves us?

We believe in a world where the ability to transform reality can arise from any context, so we drive business trajectories with impact through:

    • The extra mile, moved by excellence, we balance the passion for change and the rigor of execution as a professional and creative community determined to achieve excellent results. Imagining change with illusion, acting with courage Change requires courage and we are willing to provoke positive impacts, accepting the risks that carry the authentic transformations.
    • Open diversity, exalting collaboration From the composition of our team to the multiplicity of cultivation services, we collaborate in an innovation system where the complementary and the different make up stronger tissues.
    • Enjoying our work doing it with purpose motivates us to collaborate with the construction of a world more connected, inclusive and sustainable, working alongside initiatives with clear goals of positive impact on reality.
    • Celebrating apprenticeships, taking on our failures with grace Aware of our role in the business cosmos, we respect the trust that the entrepreneurs, partners and allies with whom we work with, enjoy in learning our achievements and mistakes.




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