Peruvian Association of Seed and Entrepreneur Capital

Is part of Peru’s entrepreneurial capital investor union.



The Peruvian Association of Seed and Entrepreneur Capital (PECAP) was founded by the five active angel investment networks in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in May 2017, thanks to the support of Swiss EP.

The main objective of PECAP is to promote financing in innovative ventures that generate inclusive development in Peru. In this way, we seek to contribute to the increase in the country’s productivity and competitiveness, and to the generation of quality employment.

PECAP is the seed and entrepreneur investor in Peru.



  • Generate entrepreneurial capital market information.
  • Visibilizing the development of the entrepreneurial capital market.
  • Promoting initiatives for political dialogue on entrepreneurial capital issues.
  • Incentives and ensuring good practices and high ethical standards in the market.
  • Increasing the diversity and inclusion in the startup ecosystem.

Mission, vision, and values


Promoting an inclusive, profitable and socially positive entrepreneurial capital market.


Generating investments in entrepreneurial capital for USD 1 billion by 2030.

  • Data driven
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Objectivity
  • Independent
  • Sustainability



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Location Peru
Targets Peru
Sectors Sector agnostic
SDG (2)
1. No Poverty, 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal