Social innovation cluster

We look for solutions to social problems through innovation

We use social innovation to understand problems and generate a common understanding, to seek and co-create joint solutions, to experience these solutions to validate that they are correct and, subsequently, to make them reach as many people as possible. We explain this to you with a practical example: our work with young people in a situation of vulnerability and unemployment.

Listen and participation

We begin a listening process with young people, companies, employment centers, training centers … to try to understand the problem. We discover that most jobs are made by contacts: young people not only need training, they need to increase their network

Co-creation of solutions

We develop working groups alongside the young people themselves, companies, Public Administrations, and we come up with several answers to put them into practice with different agents.

Project Pilotages

Once the solutions are defined, we take them into practice. We help drive the Impact Hiring Lab, we support young people to take business and we do activities to increase their networks.

Escalation for Acceleration of Solutions

And when we are sure that solutions work. We take them to other places and expand them. In this case, we launched similar initiatives in the Canary Islands and are currently booting in Peru and Guatemala.

Narratives for Change

And all of this we do by working the perception that young people have of themselves, encouraging and promoting positive communication, changing narratives about their own perceptions




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Location Spain
Targets Angola, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Spain, Uganda
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