MedUP! Fund

Promoting social enterprises’ growth and scale-up in the Mediterranean region

MedUP! aims to increase economic inclusiveness and employment in Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan or Palestine.

Are you an existing social enterprise based in Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan or Palestine? Are you providing goods and services to your community in an entrepreneurial and innovative way? Are you using profits primarily to achieve social objectives? And are you in need of financing to grow and scale-up your social enterprise?

If yes, the MedUP! the project, co-funded by the European Union and implemented by Oxfam and its European
and Southern Mediterranean partners is the opportunity for you!


The MedUP! has 1 million Euros of grant funding available for a growth-related project of 100 social enterprises in 6 countries. Social enterprises can apply for funding in the range of 5,000 – 50,000 EUR to co-finance a growth-related project to be implemented in the next 12 months. Note that this range, most notably the maximum amount, may differ per country. In addition to this grant, the project can provide you with the technical support you might need to strengthen your business and grow your social impact!


The project’s overall objective is to promote an enabling environment in the Southern Mediterranean partner countries for the development of the social entrepreneurship sector as a driver for inclusive growth and job creation.

Its specific objective is to increase economic inclusiveness and employment in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine where adequate policies on social entrepreneurship are in place, public-private dialogue and exchanges of practices are promoted and high-quality business development services are available and provided for social enterprises.

Oxfam and its partners are launching a call for applications in each country to select promising existing
social enterprises. Please visit the country specific campaign pages for more information.

Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, State of, Tunisia
Agribusiness, Business services, Clean technology and energy, Utilities, Construction and manufacturing, Manufacturing, Creative, media and entertainment, Education, Financial services, Healthcare, ICT, Leisure and travel, Retail and wholesale, Consumer non-durables, Transport and logistics, Water, sanitation and hygiene, Cars, Household appliances, Luxury goods and jewelry