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Oct 13
Jul 3 - 9:00 - Aug 10, 2019
MedUP! Fund
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You have an established social enterprise in Morocco?

You impact lives in a sustainable way? You are tackling a social challenge with an innovative and entrepreneurial solution? You have a sustainable business model? You want to scale your business and impact? You are looking for funding and mentoring opportunities? YES!
Then you are at the right place, take some time to read the information below about the MedUp! Fund and how
You can join us!


The MedUP! Fund is part of the intervention of the MedUP! project which focuses on strengthening and promoting Social Entrepreneurship in 6 southern Mediterranean countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia). The project is financed by the European Union (under Reference EuropeAid/155554/DH/ACT/Multi) and
Is implemented by Oxfam in partnership with several European and southern Mediterranean partners. In Morocco, the project is Implemented by Oxfam au Maroc in partnership with Enactus Morocco.

The MedUp! Fund is offering 1M EUR to help realize growth-related projects of 100 social enterprises (SEs) from the 6 countries that can be implemented within 12 months combined with integrated non-financial support (mentorship) to the selected social

In Morocco the MedUp! Fund is offering 155 000 EUR to fund 15 social enterprises within 12 months.


  1. The project should be a social enterprise.
    “A social enterprise is an operator in the social economy whose main objective is to have a social impact rather than make a profit for their owners or shareholders. It operates by providing goods and services for the market in an entrepreneurial and innovative fashion and uses its profits primarily to achieve social objectives. It is managed in an open and responsible manner and, in particular, involve employees, consumers and stakeholders”
  2. Your project is registered as a business, small business, not for profit, cooperative …or any other legal entity form.
  3. You project has a sustainable and clear business model and impact model.
  4. Your project is implemented in Morocco.
  5. Your project is beyond Idea and prototyping phases).
  6. Your proposal for the MedUp! Fund focuses on growing your project.
  7. The proposed action plan has to be implemented within 12 months or less after the date of the first disbursement.
  8. You are willing to contribute at least 35% into the financing of the proposed project cost. There needs to be a cash contribution of a minimum of 10% (the other 25% can be in-kind, or also cash). The in-kind contribution must be specifically and directly related to the implementation of the project. The value of the in-kind contribution must be tangible and verifiable, based on specific supporting evidence such as contracts, invoices and others.


The MedUp ! Fund is offering funding to social enterprises in Morocco as follow, please apply to funding accordingly with the types of your social enterprise.

Type Years in existence Available funding in Euros
Young Social Enterprises 2-5 12.000 – 24.000
Micro-social enterprises <2 years 5.000 – 10.000
Example of activities Eligible for funding (Within your social enterprise):
  1. Business support services (acquired from accelerators, mentors …)
  2. Investments (machines or equipment needed to scale-up)
  3. Business development costs (test and/or launch new products and projects, market study for scaling-up, etc.)
  4. Visibility costs (brand design, promotional materials for the products and/or services)
  5. Redesigning the production process to become more social or environmentally friendly
  6. Implementing fair trade models in the supply chain
Activities NOT Eligible for funding:
  1. Purchasing and rent of land or existing buildings; leasing of equipment, land and facilities; bank charges, cost of guarantees and similar charges.
  2. Costs of proposal development and feasibility study.
  3. Value and registration costs of intellectual property rights.


  • Deadline: 10  August  2019 at midnight
  • To send your application click on apply
  • You can apply in three languages, French, English and Arabic
  • For more information, you can join on our information sessions:
    City Date
    Casablanca July 12, 2019
    Rabat July 19, 2019
    Tangier July 10, 2019
    Agadir July 18, 2019

Download Arabic Application Form Here

Download the full description of the selection criteria and process:

MedUp! Fund Selection Criteria & Process


The deadline for submitting the full proposal along with the required supporting documents is October 6, 2019.

Please download the budget breakdown (Excel Sheet) form from the button below, kindly send it along with the application supporting documents to

Download the Detailed Budget Template here

Should you have any inquiries please send an email to