MedUp! Coordination meeting

Promoting social entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean Region

A special opportunity to participate to an inspiring North-South exchange experience on social entrepreneurship.

The three days will represent an important occasion where all actors involved in the project will be together to discuss project achievements and learning after 1-year of implementation. Moreover, the event will allow to share partners’ visions and steers in order to improve operational and strategic aspects of the project.


Participants will focus on project’s strategy, organization (at national and regional levels), achievements and plans. Furthermore, specific discussion sessions will be organized for communication and for evaluation and monitoring. Finally, it will be held a third meeting of the Med Up! Steering Committee.


During the second day, Oxfam will present its regional strategy for MENA by highlighting key elements for social entrepreneurship. Participants will be involved in a discussion on how the MedUp project’s strategy is reflected at regional and national levels. Three working groups composed of staff from the regional and national project management units will be organized to discuss specific operational issues and improve ways of working. The objective of the working groups will be to present the working methodology per each level of intervention (micro-meso-macro) as well as update all the participants on progress and next steps. Each working group will be coordinated by Technical Advisors (Oxfam, Diesis, Impact Hub and Euclid Network). In conclusion, it will be discussed the second year Action Plan.


This day is reserved for a Public Event, addressed to relevant actors and stakeholders of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lebanon and from the Region. The aim of the day is to stimulate a larger reflection on the challenges and opportunities of social entrepreneurship in the MENA region, where, the European Union will introduce its vision of social entrepreneurship. Furthermore, participants will have the chance to discuss and learn about policy challenges and access to finance for social enterprises within two thematic panels.

An intense and inspiring occasion for Mediterranean social entrepreneurship development going towards
an innovative approach!


May 27 - May 29, 2019 - 23:59
Organizer MedUP!
Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon
Targets Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, State of, Tunisia
Sectors Sector agnostic