Palesa Moloi of ParkUpp on finding their space in the market

Palesa Moloi, founder at ParkUpp talks us through how she and her team took an idea that she was told is not scalable and pivoted to create a marketplace for parking spaces.

As she puts it “this is the thing about being an entrepreneur and not being married to your idea but more about falling in love with the problem and trying to find ways to actually solve that problem”. She learned from the informal online and offline ways customers were renting and finding their parking to create the ParkUpp platform for corporate clients and individual users. Listen in on how Palesa has built a business in an industry where she had no prior experience.

Founder Series Ep9 Palesa Moloi of ParkUpp

Palesa Moloi of park up on finding their space in the market

Palesa Moloi of park up on finding their space in the market

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