Tomi Ayorinde, of merchant distribution network CrowdForce on building resilient networks

Join us as Tomi gives me a crash course in building a resilient distribution network to overcoming customer trust issues in Nigeria. This episode is in honor of the brave Nigerian entrepreneurs like Tomi, who are making positive change in the face of adversity.

Founder Series Ep5 – Tomi Ayorinde, co-founder of CrowdForce | part 1


In the second part of our interview with to CrowdForce co-founder Tomi Ayorinde, he explained why he needed to pay more attention to hiring practices once the company found strong product-market-it. He talks us through his time at Y-Combinator, shares the silver lining of the pandemic and his advice on mentorship.

Founder Series Ep5 – Tomi Ayorinde, co-founder of CrowdForce | part 2


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