Sethebe Manake of Vantage Properties on bravely staying ahead of the market

Most founders struggle to find the time for much of anything outside of their startup duties. So, when our guest for this episode of Founders Series shared how she had the guts to completely step away from her company on more than one occasion, I was naturally intrigued. How is leaving your startup the best thing for your startup?

It appears Sethbe Manake, founder of Vantage Properties, preferrers to look as far into the future of her industry as she possibly can for her inspiration. Her technology embracing approach, though commendable, comes with its own challenges when operating in a relatively analogue economy that was showing little signs of changing.

Every business owner wants to be ahead of their times but if you’re too far ahead you also risk the market, and even your team, not catching up before you go out of business.

In this episode Sethebe shares how, after stepping down as CEO she is now back and in her first year of transforming her, over a decade old research company into a technology company capable of transforming the property industry in Botswana. It sounds complicated until you hear her explanation. You don’t want to miss this.

Ep6 Sethebe Manake, Vantage Properties 


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