VC4A Founder Series interview with Michael Ocansey of agrotech startup AgroCenta

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AgroCenta describes itself as a digital food distribution platform creating shared value for businesses and smallholder farmers.

This is the first part of our interview with AgroCenta Chief Technology Officer, Michael Ocansey. In this candid conversation we find out just how closely the startup is working with smallholder farmers in Ghana to vastly improve not only their access to market and capital but also their quality of life by proving pensions. Michael also shares his tempered approach to applying technology for their all-important smallholder farmers. Listen in as he talks about their interesting mix of cultural sensitivity, successes using social media, lean approach to growth and much more.

Ep4 – Michael Ocansey, co-founder of AgroCenta


Ep4 part 2

In the second part of our interview with AgroCenta Chief Technology Officer, Michael Ocansey, he talks us through some of the keys to the startup’s success, thus far. It is not often a CTO cautions against the zealous use of technology, but Michael has learned from experience what his market truly values. Join us as we find out how, together with his co-founder, he is building a company with an atypical mix of business savvy pragmatism a lot of social cultural empathy, and as little technology as they can get away with.