Mentorwise S1E2: Does my startup’s business stage affect the type of mentor I need?

You might wonder if the stage of your business affects the type of mentor you should seek. To get to the bottom of this question we asked our mentors and mentees whether each new stage of business development demands a new mentor with new skills and expertise. Should you look for one mentor when developing a prototype and then another when seeking seed funding? While there are certain mentors who can stay with you throughout your journey, serving more as life advisors or guides, when it comes to seeking mentors with specific skill sets, the answers may surprise you…

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  • Can one mentor stay with an entrepreneur throughout their entrepreneur’s journey?
  • How does a venture’s stage of growth affect the type of mentor they need?
  • At each stage, what type of support can a mentor most effectively provide?
  • What should a founder consider when choosing their first mentor?

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