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Startup founders have a growth imperative that requires them to constantly take intelligent risks and stay competitive to ultimately excel. Within the cut-throat startup environment, the quality of partners and alliances startups work with have a direct impact on their ability to overcome challenges, navigate uncertainty, and innovate on a budget. Among those relationships, working with the right mentor has the potential to be among the most impactful.

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Sustained top tier performance in any field is virtually unattainable without some form of coaching or mentorship. Entrepreneurship is no exception. A good mentor can help founders accelerate growth considerably or simply skip costly mistakes by offering valuable experience-based insight, relevant resources, network access, and so much more.

In this ?????????? podcast series, the International Trade Center’s Claire Sterngold and Hanan Taifour along with VC4A’s David Coleman join forces to offer listeners access to advice from a variety of seasoned international business experts and young entrepreneurs on how to build and maintain a lasting relationship with the right mentors for your business.

Mentor-Drive Capital

VC4A believes Mentor-Driven Capital is core to unlocking the continent’s potential. Not only is the pool of entrepreneurial talent coming up across Africa expanding, but the number and the quality of ventures are also improving over time. These companies represent a powerful collection of innovations, products, and services that have the potential to transform every industry.

Mentor-Driven Capital is creating value for startups by sharing the knowledge, experience, and network gained over the course of a career, actively supporting founders to maximize the return on investment. Through mentoring, business angels offer more than just money.