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The first half of 2020 was a tsunami of change. As the dust begins to settle it is becoming clear that some startups have not just weathered the storm but have transformed, repositioned, and even grown. Running a business can be grueling at the best of times. Managing to scale up in emerging markets is particularly impressive. With every change of the proverbial winds, some startup finds their house of cards tumbling down.

VC4A was built to unlock opportunities for founders by providing training materials and content, mentorship with leading industry experts, and channels for high-quality networking. Through VC4A, entrepreneurs gain unparalleled access to relevant events and startup programs. Founders are able to promote their progress and rally support for their fundraising rounds.

We are privileged to have access to many of the resilient embracers of change among the thousands of registered ventures from around the globe. Their stories are what we will be sharing in a set of interviews we call The VC4A Founder Series. These stories offer insights about practical actions, ways of reframing challenges, counter-intuitive reprioritizing, tapping into new networks, rethinking partnerships, and anticipating opportunities to leverage.

Their stories are fascinating but more importantly, they offer practical strategies we believe can inspire resilience.