Announcing the companies identified by the Thomson Reuters Africa Startups Challenge

Using smart data tools, teams from across Thomson Reuters have developed sophisticated assessment models to identify Africa’s up and coming ventures on Here are the startups identified by the Thomson Reuters Africa Startups Challenge. A winner will be announced at the upcoming Africa Summit 2016 where they will receive a USD 10,000 cash prize.

The Thomson Reuters Africa Startups Challenge seeks to find the best new companies coming out of Africa. As a large continent made up of many emerging markets Africa is home to some exciting ventures who are able to leverage new technology and new business models to leap-frog the current players. Thomson Reuters, in partnership with Venture Capital For Africa (VC4A), have developed sophisticated assessment models for identifying high growth high potential companies listed on the platform. This list presents the ventures identified by the challenge, startups tapping into scalable markets with clear potential to scale.

Shortlisted startups

(listed alphabetically)

Abacus – Abacus helps investors make and execute smarter, faster and more decisions by providing access to real time market data, news and analytics for the Nairobi Securities Exchange.
Academix – is an aggregator and e-library of Nigeria focused research and knowledge resources, cutting across multiple disciplines.
AgroData – an AgriTech firm which deploys technology to make tropical farming more efficient.
African Markets – the first web platform, entirely dedicated to African stocks.
BenBen – uses Blockchain technology to provide Governments , Financial Institutions, Realtors and the general public instant access to property information through an easy to use searchable interface.
Ensibuuko – offers financial institutions an easy and efficient means to manage and track information and to reach underserved (unbanked) communities such as farmers.
Farmdrive – a mobile tech, agri-tech startup that looks to advance bankable farmer initiatives.
Kwanji – an online FX comparison and payment platform providing businesses in Africa with unrestricted access to the very best FX rates.
Mavuno – a mobile tech and supply chain startup that connects farmers and urban wholesale traders through SMS in East Africa.
Ripple Nami – offers an intuitive visualization platform that allows anyone to map their world  with real-time information, enabling them to make better and faster critical decisions.
Smart Finance – makes it easy for micro-businesses to keep track of their financial activities, maintain business records and subsequently gain access to finance.
Tech 4 Farmers – a global agribusiness and financial services provider operating a digital commodities exchange hedged with warehouse receipts.
Vault – de-risks investor communications through a SaaS model that ensures timely and relevant information is delivered to investors.
Zenvus Smartfarm – agri-Tech and IoT startup that uses sensors and algorithms to advise farmers on the health of their crops. The data is also sold (anonymized) to commodity traders.

The Thomson Reuters Africa Summit 2016

For the 5th consecutive time, Thomson Reuters is organizing their Annual Pan-African networking and knowledge sharing event for executives looking to grow their business on the African continent. The Thomson Reuters Africa Summit 2016, in association with CNBC Africa is taking place on October 13-14, 2016 at The Westin in Cape Town, South Africa. Also it’s your chance to meet with the winning team from the Africa Startups Challenge 2016.

Set in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities on the African continent, the Summit will cover pertinent topics such as macroeconomics, development and investment opportunities as well as other niche topics of interest. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to network, learn and leverage diverse points of view as you expand your business network through face-to-face interactions with key government officials, analysts, industry experts and peers alike.

As part of the Africa Summit finale, Thomson Reuters Labs™ – Cape Town will officially launch to engage with the region’s vibrant innovation ecosystem and its dynamic startup community to fuel growth and empower success for Thomson Reuters customers worldwide.

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