AgroData Upscaling tropical farming via the application of modern technologies



AgroData deploys GIS & Remote Sensing to upscale tropical farming improving on productivity, effectiveness and rural livelihood.
Our flagship product; FRESHDEW NATURAL BEE HONEY is a direct application of our solution. . We geo-locate bees concentration and set up community bee keeping initiatives.

We offer and install FREE (Smart) BEEHIVES on crop FARMS

Our patented smart beehives serve as IoT on the farms. GPS, Wind vane and Sensor enabled.

1. Higher crop yield via Honey bees pollination activities
2. Reduction in overhead cost (Reduce use of Chemicals) – we offer free guide on low cost green manure and soil rejuvenation.
3. We upscale farmer’s income via 20% CASH proceeds from honey harvested via their farmlands

StageGrowth stage EST May 2016
SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Crop farming
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
Customer modelB2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, B2B2G, B2C, Governments (B2G), Non-profits
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