AgroData PRECISE & TIMELY agro info. from SPATIAL DATA + agric research

AgroData is an AgriTech firm which deploys technology to make tropical farming more efficient. Our speciality area is termed  PRECISION AGRICULTURE  in modern farming classification. we support technology – driven farming with emphasis on  productivity and efficiencyWe provide usable agro information from SPATIAL DATA  & agricultural research Information. Technology has the potential of improving farm output (yield),  we analyzes & extract satellite imagery using applied GIS and remote sensing tools and creatively merged these with analysed information & processed DATA (published) from agricultural research institutes /agencies to drive MODERN TROPICAL AGRICULTURE.

AgroData Network deploys unique distribution model for fresh agro-commodities, inputs and merchandize using a multichannel platform with robust GIS technology, which aims to reduce post-harvest loses and support regular food availability.

Spatial data allows for vast farming areas to be easily managed, collections hubs identified and nearest route mapped out. A go2market multi-channel platform which combines: online, SMS, USSD & voice SMS gateways will be used as interface.

Our mission is to enhance tropical agriculture development and support food security in developing nations by harnessing the abundant natural resources. 

> Farm yield/output improvement

> Detection & prevention of  pests & diseases 

> Reduction of  pre/post harvest losses