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AgroData Promoting sustainable farming and improving farm productivity

Cover image of AgroData, Agribusiness venture on VC4A



We provide an efficient alternative farming system, which combats low yield in smallholder croplands, reduces the dependence on inorganic fertilizers, improve farm productivity and rural livelihood.

We mapped honey-bees using Earth Observation tech and invented the “iSmarthive” ( an IoT device) creating a Community Bee-Agrifood Network (CoBAN). A bee-centred cropping model in which beehives are installed (for free) on smallholder farms to support crop pollination by bees.

We are optimizing farmlands and upscaling the fruit crops, vegetables and natural honey value chain in Nigeria. We aggregate, process and sell RAW HONEY harvested across the network of farms with a revenue-sharing scheme with the smallholders.

More importantly, the Smart hives collate agroecological DATA from the farmlands which are analyzed to improve the bees-crops-soils ecosystem.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Animal farming, Crop farming, Environmental services
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
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