RippleNami, Inc. Connecting the unconnected

RippleNami, Inc. - Venture image

An industry game-changer, RippleNami is the first easy-to-use, intuitive blockchain visualization platform that allows anyone to map their world. RippleNami believes that, empowered with real-time information, people around the globe can connect and create positive change.

By integrating millions of data points from numerous sources, RippleNami offers a complete picture of timely, relevant information, to connect people and organizations to what really matters to them. RippleNami fosters collaboration and delivers actionable insights to users across enterprises, universities, NGOs and emergency management services, enabling them to make better and faster critical decisions.

RippleNami frees users from information silos, making big data relevant, decipherable and actionable. The cloud-based, device-agnostic and cost-effective platform can be customized to control access to valuable data with specific profiles and permission levels. The only mapping solution of its kind, RippleNami helps deliver real-time information on any device, allowing users the power to easily solve problems, make critical decisions and collaborate like never before.