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BenBen Derisking Land-Based Climate Investments

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Africa currently accounts for approximately 20% of the world’s land mass, with 60% being arable, yet only receives 2.9% of global carbon market investments. In this light, Africa requires between $52-68 billion per year by 2030 to meet the climate change challenge.

Compounded with asymmetric data on land tenure and tree tenure regimes, and unaligned interests between community land owners and investors, the carbon finance market has largely been labeled high-risk, and non-transparent to climate investors.

The aim of Keva is to unlock carbon market access to small-holder farmers (who own interests in 80% of Africa’s arable land) by serving as a land-rights verification platform and marketplace for small-holders to directly sell carbon credits on the global carbon finance market.

Sectors Blockchain, Natural resource protection
Location Accra, Ghana
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