Mentor Driven Capital program Abuja 2019

Mentoring for Entrepreneurial Success

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of starting entrepreneurs and their journey?

Are you an established business professional, entrepreneur, or investor with some time on your hands?

Do you want to be part of the exciting startup ecosystem?

Then, consider becoming a mentor in the VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital Program in Abuja.

Through mentoring, business angels offer more than just money. ‘Mentor-driven capital’ is the approach to creating value for startups by sharing the knowledge, experience and network you’ve built during your career, while also maximizing the return on your investments.

Take advantage of the first dedicated training program designed for African business professionals keen to guide Africa’s up and coming entrepreneurs to success. Angel investing is of course about providing early-stage companies with investment capital, but the expertise and network that you, as a business angel, can share with entrepreneurs is also vital to their growth and success. The goal of this program is to therefore boost your ability as a high-powered mentor to support entrepreneurs while learning to think and act like a savvy business angel.

In this unique mentor program for 10 aspiring business angels, you will guide promising entrepreneurs to success while you achieve your own level of success. You will receive expert guidance, training and hands-on support. The only thing you need to invest during the program is your valuable time, knowledge and network!

Learn how to engage founders, the rules for mentorship, and how to maximize your impact as a business angel. Share with industry experts, tap industry-leading knowledge, and engage your peers in this hands-on learning journey.

What we offer

Participate in 2 full-day Mentor-Driven Capital Bootcamps on Wednesday April 17th and June 2019 (TBA), covering topics including:

  • Introduction to Business Angel Mentorship
  • What makes a good business angel
  • Partnering with Corporates
  • Structuring the Corporate Deal
  • Starting as an Angel Investor
  • Valuations and Term Sheets
  • Mentor a promising startup
  • Access to peer group mentor sessions
  • Access to mentorship guide and online training materials
  • Access to resident experts on corporate matchmaking & investment readiness
  • Access to promising startup companies looking for angel investment
  • Profile on VC4A website
  • VC4A Pro Account (3 months) + access to VC4A Mentorship Marketplace

What we kindly request from you

  • You are based in Abuja
  • Senior business professional with multiple years of experience
  • Corporate, financial or entrepreneurial background
  • Interested in the startup ecosystem and keen to support startup companies
  • Potentially already active as angel investor, and want to improve mentor skills
  • Potentially already active as mentor, and want to become an angel investor
  • Willing and able to join 2 full-day mentor camps on Wednesday April 17th and June 2019 (TBA)


Application deadline March 10

Submit a complete application by 10 March 2019 if you are interested in this program. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. Contact Thomas van Halen at thomas [at] vc4a [dot] com if you would like to discuss this opportunity in more detail.

Make a tangible contribution to promising startups and become a business angel today!

About Work In Progress! Alliance

This program is part of the “Work In Progress!” project. The goal of “Work in Progress!” is to improve the economic prospects of young men and women in Egypt, Nigeria and Somalia, create jobs and stimulate entrepreneurship by improving the skills of young people, strengthening small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and creating an enabling environment. Work in Progress! Alliance partners include Oxfam, IOM, VC4Africa and Butterfly Works.


April 30, 2019
Organizer VC4A
Targets Nigeria
Sectors Sector agnostic



Name Country Sector(s)
Digital product sampling for consumer packaged goods in Africa
Nigeria Adtech, E-commerce, Marketing and PR
GameTraction Company Limited
Adtech, Gaming, Advertising
Nigeria Adtech, Computer games, Mobile
Powerstove Energy
Affordable Clean Energy
Nigeria Clean technology and energy, Manufacturing, Waste …
Foodlocker Limited
Farming-as-a-Service for Large Buyers
Nigeria Agritech, E-commerce, Retail and wholesale
On-demand Drivers & Mobility Solutions for Africa
Nigeria Logistics, Personal transport, Transport and logis…
Reducing farm to fork time, fighting food waste.
Nigeria Agribusiness, Agritech, Internet
Africa 1st Digital mobile parking service
Nigeria Internet of things (IoT), Smart city solutions, Tr…
Trash Monger Limited
Creating Value From waste through Resource Recovery.
Nigeria Environmental services, Renewable energy, Waste ma…


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