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AfricArena⎢International Africa Tech Conference

AfricArena⎢International Africa Tech Conference

AfricArena is a tech conference for entrepreneurs, investors and big business.

This first edition of the AfricArena Conference stands as a bridge between the International and Africa Tech Innovation Ecosystems. 

It represents an opportunity to explore tomorrow’s trends, discover today’s best companies, Start-Ups & innovations, and be inspired by the most disruptive ideas and people of the moment.

South Africa’s digital ecosystem and la French Tech’s network of international partners will enable us to offer startups unique opportunities to accelerate their growth.

Indeed, more than a classic conference with awesome speakers, we also have:

– a challenges platform on the AfricArena website where the start-ups can offer their solutions to major companies that are looking for new talents. (Free entrance & investors pitch to win)

– battles for start-ups that will pitch in front of a panel of investors from all around the world during the conference

– an exhibition area to showcase your organisation and your start-ups (see prices included)

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