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Mhogo Foods Adding value to cassava tubers, Impacting small-holder farmers

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Mhogo Foods

Mhogo Foods

Mhogo foods is looking at solving the issue of food security and malnutrition among the people living at the Base of the Pyramid in Kenya. The company is processing cassava tubers into affordable, multi-purpose and nutritious cassava flour which is a replacement for maize and wheat flour and can be used for many traditional and modern dishes in Kenya. The cassava is fortified with vitamins and minerals ensuring that our target market gets their daily recommended nutrition intake. The solution is innovative and unique because we are using cassava which is a drought resistant crop and is grown by many small-holder farmers in Kenya as opposed to maize which is often imported into the country and due to the Covid-19 crisis, maize flour has become very expensive due to restrictions from different countries. The flour is also affordable since most of these families have a daily household income of between 4USD-8USD which makes it hard for them to afford daily nutrition.

LocationBanana Hill, Kenya
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