JustNow JustNow helps businesses reduce food waste and save money

JustNow is a system that helps both large and small food businesses save money while increasing revenue and client engagement. This is achieved by reducing fresh food waste through the use of a smart advertising mobile application.

JustNow is an Artificial Intelligence featured system that seamlessly integrates with your accounting and register software for less work and better management. We offer:

– A mobile consumer application – for promoting and claiming offers.

– An integrated merchandiser application – easy offer and stock management.

– The JustNow Dashboard – overview of the marketing channel and customers engagement, plus merchandiser app features.

– (under development) An Automatic Replenishment System with machine learning, that also relies on customers behaviour data

We solve 2 problems:

1.  Cost of food waste:

In South Africa, food retailers lose over €1.5bn each year with expired and damaged products, which represent on average 5% of the stores’ gross revenue. In Europe, the loss accounts for over €7.15bn. In the meantime, the average Profit Margin of retailers is 2-5%. Preventing even a fraction of the 5% loss can have a huge impact in increasing their profitability.

2. Finding each stores’ customers preferences:

By cumulating data about our customers’ behaviour, we enable the stores to know the tastes and preferences of their local customers, so that they can tailor their promotion campaigns to fit directly their needs.

Stage Growth stage EST May 2016
Sectors Food and beverage, Software as a Service
Location Benoni, South Africa
Markets South Africa - in urban areas
Customer model B2B, B2C
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