SAIS Investment Readiness Programme 2022 – Farmed Animal Tech Start-ups

For digital and sustainable start-ups in the African livestock value chain


Are you running a tech start-up and want to challenge the status quo of the livestock industry? Do you have a solution that makes the industry more sustainable and profitable? Do you want support to improve your offer, reach more customers, raise funds and want to have a more significant impact?

Then this unique (and free!) acceleration programme is for you!

What we offer

The Investment Readiness Programme (IRP) for Farmed Animal Tech Start-ups offers you benefits worth up to $50.000 per start-up:

Weekly sessions of personalized coaching with local and international experts
tailored to each start-up’s specific and individual needs, during which strategies and measures for rapid growth will be developed and implemented with the start-ups.

Access to premium online training/classes (tailored)
structured around several key themes in developing start-ups, e.g. management and governance of young companies, economic study, methodical development of business plans, finances, financing tools, the constitution of a financing file, essential elements of negotiation with an investor.

Integration into a local hub (optional)
to facilitate contact with major players in the local start-up scene.

Access to additional premium services and optimisation packages
to optimize certain key areas, e.g. legal advice, online marketing, digital product optimization, design, coding.

Access to the GIZ network
our global presence, local expertise, far-reaching networks and years of experience working with the private sector, investors and business partners. The programme helps to improve the visibility and network of the start-ups nationally and internationally through participation in national, regional, and international events dedicated to African entrepreneurs.

Who we are

We are a Pan-African accelerator programme for digital start-ups focusing on the African livestock value chain. The Investment Readiness Programme aims to support more African start-ups in the livestock value chain to improve their business models, provide access to investors and business partners, and achieve greater impact.

The Investment Readiness Programme for farmed animal tech start-ups is part of SAIS “Scaling Digital Agriculture Innovations through Start-ups”. SAIS is a project implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). Our overall goal at SAIS is to increase incomes in the African agri-food sector through proven digital innovations in the livestock industry. In 2022, up to 5 start-ups are selected to participate in a six-month Investment Readiness Programme.

Starting in 2019, SAIS has accelerated more than 28 outstanding African start-ups that have set a high bar for the following programme:


Who can apply?

To be eligible for the programme, you must meet the following conditions:

Legal form
– The start-up must be registered and operate in Africa
– We will request a certificate of registration

Team (founders)
– The start-up must have a founding team of at least two people who work ideally full time for the start-up
– The management team should have entrepreneurial and technical experience in their area of operation

Digital product/service
– The start-up must have a viable digital product that positively impacts the incomes of its users
– The product must have a positive impact on the African livestock sector

Market access and traction
– The start-up must have launched its digital product at least six months before the application period
– Start-ups must provide evidence of good traction (based on customers, earliest incomes)

Business model
– The start-up should have an easily understandable and convincing business model (clear statement of the problem, clear digital solution, clear customer segment, and clear revenue stream)


Programme timeline

Instructions and Tipps:

  1. Please apply online before March 20, 2022, by clicking on the “apply” button above.
  2. Start early with the process and pay attention to your video pitch.
  3. Please provide all the information requested to avoid your exclusion during the pre-selection process.
  4. Good Luck – We are looking forward. 

Any questions?

Scroll down to find more information about the program in our FAQ. If you have any further questions that are not answered there, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at



March 20, 2022
Program dates Apr 1 - Nov 30, 2022
Targets Africa
Agribusiness, Agritech, Animal farming, Business services, Clean technology and energy, Cloud solutions, Farm machinery, Financial services, Food production, ICT, Information technology, Software as a Service, Transport and logistics
SDG (6)
1. No Poverty, 12. Responsible Consumption and Production, 15. Life on Land, 2. Zero Hunger, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth, 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

SAIS alumni

Winich Farms
Connecting food producers with informal processors directly
Nigeria Agritech, Fintech, Transport and logistics
Endless Farming possibilities
Mauritius Agritech, Fintech
Mavuno Technologies
Empowering African smallholder farmers with satellite imagery tech
Germany Agritech, Cloud solutions, Machine learning
Kitovu Technology Company
Transforming African agriculture, one farmer at a time.
Nigeria Agritech, Artificial intelligence, Machine learnin…
Youth-powered agri-food distribution for Africa.
Kenya Agribusiness, Agritech, E-commerce
Duhqa is a last mile end to end supply chain & distribution technology
Kenya E-commerce, Logistics, Retail and wholesale
Access to faming expertise & financial services to small-scale farmers
Cameroon Agritech, Big data, Financial services
Bankly Technologies
Taking financial services to the last mile
Nigeria Banking, Investment management, Remittance
MooMe (registred as STE Lifeye)
Data Driven Dairy Farming for Africa
Tunisia Agribusiness, Animal farming
Empowering Farms, Transforming Agriculture
Egypt Agritech, Environmental services, Internet of thin…
Making farming cool, easy, affordable and sustainable for youth
Cameroon Agritech, Cloud solutions, Information technology
Turn your bytes into mega bites!
Tanzania E-commerce, Logistics, Transport and logistics
Lentera Limited
Precision agriculture for every farmer
Kenya Agribusiness, Agritech
Fintech and data platform for farms and agribusinesses
Nigeria Agritech, Fintech
DMA Limited
VIDA Local (Village Digital Agents) the last mile partner.
Tanzania Agribusiness, Agritech
SKT Aeroshutter
SKT Aeroshutter is the first licensed drone operator in West Africa
Ghana Agritech, Artificial intelligence, UAVs (drones)
Simplifying business
Zambia Agribusiness, E-commerce
Umojalands System
SaaS for financier digitally connect to farmer data and derisk lending
Zimbabwe Agritech
Be Wireless Solutions
Providing iot solutions for B2B for energy, water and Fuel saving
Tunisia Internet of things (IoT)
Rural Farmers Hub
Crop intelligence solution for optimal farming decisions and timing.
Nigeria Agritech
Bringo Fresh
If its not safe, its not food.
Uganda Agritech
Digital food distribution platform
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Agritech, E-commerce
Connecting african farmers and street vendors to a fair marketplace
Cameroon Agribusiness, Food and beverage, Retail and wholes…
AIT Group (Pfms)
Transforming Farm animal's Health Diagnostic.
Cameroon Agritech, Animal farming
Your veterinarian online
Côte d'Ivoire Animal farming, HealthTech
Empowering smallholder farmers, women and youth through digitisation
Ghana Agribusiness, Agritech, E-commerce
Phema Agri
Agriculture First. Invest Now!!
Tanzania Agritech, Fintech, Investment management
Arinifu Technologies Ltd
Peace of mind raising your chicken
Kenya Clean technology, Farm machinery, Food production
Urban Africa's digital food cooperative for families and businesses.
Nigeria Agribusiness, Agritech, E-commerce
GGEM Farming
Malawi's First Ethical Market Platform- #BoostingFarmerIncomes
Malawi Agribusiness, Agritech, Crop farming
To offer Smart financial and technological agricultural solutions to rural agri
Kenya Financial services
Everyday Meal Solutions
Senegal E-commerce, Food production
Making eco-friendly refrigeration affordable and accessible to all
France Clean technology, Clean technology and energy, Sol…
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Ghana Agritech, Food production, Marketing and PR
Groceries delivered to your door, same day.
Nigeria E-commerce, Food and beverage, Logistics
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An AgriTech Company for a digitized and interconnected ecosystem
Nigeria Agribusiness, Financial services
Agri-Business Platform
Egypt Agritech
We Redefine Agriculture Through Technology
Nigeria Agritech, Animal farming, Big data
Veterinary care at farmer's fingertips
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Jaguza Tech
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Uganda Diversified services, Enterprise software
Leveraging alternative to promote investments into Agriculture
Kenya Agritech, Big data, Investment management
Upande Limited
Smart Management of Assets in Real Time (smart)
Kenya Agritech, Enterprise software, Internet of things …
Tech-enabled Platform Providing Accessibility to Farm Inputs and Processing Equipment
Nigeria Agritech
Seabex SAS
We make agronomic expertise universally accessible to any farmer
France Agritech, Artificial intelligence, Crop farming
Crowd source micro farms in a gamified network
Egypt Agribusiness, Agritech
Strengthening Market Linkages
Nigeria Agribusiness, Big data
Afri-Farmers Market
Helping rural youth overceome poverty through agribusiness
Rwanda Agribusiness
Agribora KENYA Limited
DATA driven agribusiness
Kenya Agritech
For smart, sustainable and efficient agriculture
Senegal Agritech
Improving the performance of agricultural actors
Benin Agritech
JABU Logistics
Deliver goods to informal settlement businesses while getting data
Namibia Big data, Food and beverage, Logistics
More food reaching markets at better prices
Tanzania Agribusiness, Blockchain, Financial services
Refining the agricultural and consumer space in Africa using Big Data
Kenya Agribusiness, Agritech, Internet of things (IoT)
Funding Agriculture Just Got Easy
Ghana Agribusiness, Fintech, Investment management
Zaidi Technologies
Rebuilding the Informal Dairy Value Chain
Kenya Agribusiness



Accelerator programme

Please get in touch with us at and tell us about the company and why you think they’ll be a good fit.

We have multiple touchpoints with investors during the programme and our network is constantly growing. We have a demo day and an alumni circle after the programme with opportunities to meet the right investor. So far, almost half of the companies have received follow-on funding during or after the programme.

If you work with the GIZ, please let us know and indicate this clearly in the application. Most of the time, this is not a problem, even appreciated. If you have questions in advance, reach out to us via

Seven indicators measure the performance of the start-ups during the programme to improve the level of investment readiness:

  • Indicator 1: The managerial skills of the founding team are improved, the sharing of roles and responsibilities within the management team is clearly defined.
  • Indicator 2: The start-up’s database is updated, and all the documents necessary for adequate ‘due diligence’ are available (e.g., pitch deck, annual balance sheet, accounting report, bank statements, forecasts, and strategy Release).
  • Indicator 3: A digital user base monitoring system is established and provides reliable data.
  • Indicator 4: A market study and an analysis of the start-up’s competitiveness are available for the national and possible expansion markets.
  • Indicator 5: A strategy and a catalogue of measures for marketing and sales are available and guide the actions of the founding team to develop the start-up.
  • Indicator 6: The start-up’s digital product is customer-focused and ready to market (e.g. product adaptation to the target market, data security guaranteed, adaptation to applicable national regulations).
  • Indicator 7: The start-up’s customer acquisition rate has improved.

Going through multiple programmes simultaneously is not recommended, as your time commitment to your company and the L-IRP might be challenging enough. However, you can participate in programmes before and after the SAIS L-IRP as you will. In addition, after completing the L-IRP, we provide master classes with additional coaching and services for high-performing start-ups.

We don’t tell you what to do or when, but we create an environment conducive to helping your start-up every day. At least once a week, you will meet with one of our coaches and mentors/experts to discuss and define your next steps.

If you don’t have an office, we will try to access a local hub to facilitate contact with major players in the local start-up scene. The use of the regional hub office is entirely optional.

The primary language that we use in verbal and written communications during the programme – is English.

Upon acceptance to the L-IRP, the start-up has full access to all programme benefits. In addition, the accelerated start-ups commit to providing monthly data from the start of the programme until the end of 2023 concerning: Revenue, number of customers, funds raised and number of employees.

All data will only be collected to track the progress of each start-up during the programme and will not be published. Each team needs to commit on average 3 hours per week for the programme; this applies most often to the founders but not only. We require access to data and customers, with the agreement that we can execute at least two times a questionnaire with your customers to evaluate the impact of your product/service.

Our belief at SAIS is: Competition is good for business. However, we try to avoid accepting competitive companies into the same programme class.

With the growing SAIS alumni portfolio of companies/start-ups, there may be competitive companies in the broader SAIS network. So, if there is a company in the SAIS portfolio that’s competitive, we make sure there is no exchange of sensitive data.

We accelerate all types of start-ups whose business model contributes to our overall goal of increasing incomes in the agri-food sector through digital innovations in the livestock industry.

Successful applicants have free access to our L-IRP benefits worth up to $50k. In addition, unlike other accelerator programmes, we do not require shares of the companies that successfully applied for the investment readiness programme.

SAIS provides benefits worth up to $50k, which contain e.g.:

  • Weekly sessions of personalized coaching with local and international experts
  • Access to premium online training/classes (tailored)
  • Access to additional premium services and optimization packages to optimize certain key areas (e.g., interim CTO, Website / App optimization, online marketing support, digital product optimization, design, coding, legal advice)
  • Integration into a local hub (optional)
  • Access to the GIZ network
  • So far, about half of our start-ups raise capital during or after the SAIS programme.

Our overall goal at SAIS is to increase incomes in the agri-food sector through proven digital innovations. At the L-IRP we focus on innovations in the African livestock value chain.

Application process

Unfortunately, we don’t allow late applications to move through our very tight schedule for selection and to be fair to all applicants. Therefore, the next round of applications will be open soon.

We don’t exclude applications just because they have a single founder. But we look for great balanced teams who have a full range of skills. Therefore, we highly recommend you seek co-founders who balance your skillset. If you are a single founder, you should build a strong and very committed management team around you.

Yes! We are happy to consider any application considering our eligible criteria listed above. Just remember that your digital innovation should address the African livestock value chain. 

You can apply to the programme if your innovation is in one of the following categories or technologies used somehow in the broader livestock value chain:


Internet of things, application (mobile), search engine, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, virtual/augmented reality, 3D printer, robotics, digital learning software (online training system, MOOC platform, open educational resources), database, information management system, monitoring and control system, geographic information system (GIS)/mapping, SMS services, web platform, social media, data analysis system


Application Domain:
Strengthening of the digital expertise and IT skills of actors in the livestock value chain (e-skills), online training (e-learning), precision agriculture, market access, access to finance, digital payment, management of livestock value chains, logistics and transport, e-commerce, animal feed, animal health & welfare


Do you think that your category is missing and should be listed? Tell us at

No! We treat application data confidentially! We ensure your data and information are safe with us, as this guarantees our core business model and good reputation.

No, you must fill out the application form.

After applications close, we’ll review applications for about two weeks and spend time getting to know even more about your team, market, progress and idea. Finally, our goal is to notify the final group of companies who will have the chance to join the selection day within four weeks from the application closing date.

If you have already submitted your application prior to the deadline and want to make changes, please reach out to VC4A for support. The VC4A support team can re-open your application for you to make the changes and re-submit. Please note, that after the deadline has passed, no further changes can be made.

We highly recommend that your founding team works in the company full time so that you can focus on your business to make it big. But we fully understand your decision not to quit your previous job quite yet, especially if your start-up is still early-stage.

The video is required for the application process, and we recommend it. We are not looking for a highly produced video; we want to see what you are working on, why you’re excited about it, how your team works together, and what makes you unique. You can record a video with your phone but make sure the audio quality is good.

Our eligible criteria are:

  • Legal form
    The start-up must be registered and operate in Africa and provide a registration certificate.
  • Team
    Is the founding team complementary?
    Has the team the qualifications and experience to run a business?
  • Digital innovation
    Is the business model based on a proven digital innovation?
    Is the digital solution resolving a specific problem or bringing a pain reliever to the customer needs (explicit problem and solution statement)?
    Is this digital solution bringing amelioration, change or disruption to an existing product in the market?
  • Business model
    Is the source of revenue clear?
    How does the business model increase the income for its users (e.g., farmers, other actors of the value chain)?
  • Market access
    Does the start-up know its market size?
    Does the start-up know its competitors?
    Does the start-up know its barriers to expansion?
    Is there a clear USP of the product?
    Is there a clear product-market-fit?
  • Traction
    Has the start-up proof/evidence of regular revenue (e.g., a proven number of customers that paid for the product)?
    Is the financial plan/statement of the start-up realistic and reliable?