UnternehmerTUM announces the winners for the African European Digital Venture Program

For the first time, the African European Digital Venture Program (AEDV) scouted highly scalable solutions leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence, data processing and data analytics from startups aiming to enter the European and/or German market. AEDV is a program by UnternehmerTUM and supported by the Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation, which operates under the brand Invest for Jobs.

The program’s goal is to provide access to know-how about the European market and strengthen partnerships between promising startups from Ghana and Tunisia and established European companies, creating a win-win situation for all.

After a thorough assessment process of the more than 150 received applications, the finalists represent some of the most cutting-edge startups from Ghana and Tunisia.

These are the startups:

Better Receipts Ghana

They are a Receipts as a Service platform service. It is the easiest way for businesses, merchants, retailers, etc., to send smart digital receipts to their customers. Their platform provides you with an API which you could seamlessly integrate with your POS, Accounting Software, and Web & Mobile Applications. No scanning, exporting to PDFs, emailing attachments, etc.

BidiiBuild Ghana

BidiiBuild is a simple and powerful construction management platform that assists construction and real estate companies monitor time and budget costs , collaborate effectively and keep track of profitability all through the project duration.

CGS 3D Tunisia

In a construction site, there are always thousands of openings (holes) to be checked one by one. This task takes time, is risky and has a rather high cost. In order to solve the problem of control of construction sites, they have developed an application in augmented reality which allows you to visualize the maps more easily, to divide by 4 the time of control with much more safety and at a lower cost.

MajestEYE Tunisia

MajestEYE is a data technology vendor that has the mission of enabling the transition of its customers towards a data/knowledge driven business model. MajestEYE transforms the customer’s data into knowledge (predictions, trends, rules) and allows its use at scale within the organization.

Onboard Tunisia

They help hardware/manufacturing companies transform their textual manuals to 3D, immersive and intelligent manuals, enabling them to offer instant and efficient customer support to their end clients.

Unfrauded Tunisia

Unfrauded intervenes following an accident when processing the claim, to help car insurance companies manage claims faster and more efficiently in order to detect fraud with the power of AI. They have collaborated with the Tunisian auto insurer “STAR”, detaining the biggest claims’ dataset to build Unfrauded which is a software that guides auto insurance decision-makers by analyzing their existing data and by offering machine learning models capable of detecting damage, estimating repairing costs and detecting fraud based on an accident’s pictures and circumstances.

You are interested to learn more about the selected startups? Simply tune in and meet them during Bits and Pretzels 2020 in the virtual village. A six-day virtual festival for founders and enthusiasts from the startup scene, which takes place from this Sunday in Munich during the Oktoberfest.

In collaboration with UnternehmerTUM Business Creators, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Make-IT in Africa, VC4A, SAP.iO, Truma, Geraetetechnik GmbH & Co. KG