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My cousin has been working on major European construction sites for Bouygues Energie in France for 15 years. He manages control teams. He often tells me about safety and control issues around what we call openings.

Openings are the foundation of any construction site. They are holes in a wall that are used to pass all the technical equipment (electricity cables, air-conditioning pipes, etc.). On a classic construction site, there are on average 5000 to 10000 openings to be checked one at a time. This task is time-consuming, has a high cost, and even presents a risk of accidents to the workers who climb on scaffolding to check the correct position of each hole.

We have developed a new augmented reality application that uses Microsoft’s new Hololens glasses, to scan the 3D space and completely innovate this task. The beta version is already ready. This solution saves time, increases worker safety, and reduces control costs by 40%.

SectorsConstruction, Virtual reality
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