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Onboard We transform manufacturers' product manuals into 3D engaging manuals.

Cover image of Onboard, Agritech venture on VC4A

Product manuals fail miserably at their task of helping customers
Which is frustrating for both consumers and businesses; with a 70% churn after 1 bad support experience, support calls already answered in manuals, and bad manuals being #1 cause of injuries on factory floors
We help manufacturers transform their textual manuals into 3D immersive ones, reducing their onboarding time by 85%, their amount of support calls by 60%, while allowing them to offer a better customer experience to their clients.
Our goal, is to become the global hub for interactive manuals.
Businesses insert their 3D data into the platform, they define the instructions to be executed, then share a link to their clients, through which they can follow the steps and interact with the product on several platforms, from Web to MixedReality
Businesses receive insights on manuals’ visualization, in order to further improve their products.

Sectors Agritech, Household appliances, Manufacturing
Location Tunis, Tunisia
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