Better Receipts Smart, Digital Receipts for the 21st Century

Better receipts, a Receipts as a Service platform, is the easiest way for businesses, merchants, retailers, etc., to send smart digital receipts to their customers. Our platform provides you with an API which you could seamlessly integrate with your POS, Accounting Software, and Web & Mobile Applications. No scanning, exporting to PDFs, emailing attachments, etc.

Receipts are documents showing a transaction has happened and are crucial evidences whenever any form of transaction results in a dispute. They are also important for tax and audit purposes, expense tracking, etc. In Africa, most transactions are not accompanied with receipts but when issued, their current state (papers) makes them difficult to organise, store and retrieve when the need arises. Globally, over 300 billion receipts are printed annually, costing the environment over 12.4 million trees and 13.2 billion gallons of water, but a huge chunk is discarded few minutes after they are received.

Sectors Artificial intelligence, Fintech, Machine learning
Location Accra, Ghana
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