Connecting innovators with capital, meet 40 investors from the VC4Africa investor network

At VC4Africa our mission is to support the continent’s most promising entrepreneurs and to connect them with the resources (network, knowledge and capital) they require to realize their potential. Specifically, we focus on the less than 1 million range currently underserved by the market. We do everything we can to help entrepreneurs tackle both their non-financial and financial needs. Launching the VC4Africa investor network in May of 2012, entrepreneurs with venture profiles listed on VC4Africa now have exclusive access to the continent’s largest and most dedicated network of Africa focused investors actually interested in early stage companies.

We selected 40 investors from the VC4A network and profile them here:

4Di Capital is an independent early-stage technology venture capital firm based in South AfricaLaurie Olivier50K – 150K
Accion provides people the financial tools they need to improve their lives.Nicky Khaki150K – 500K
Africa Media Ventures Fund mobilizes capital and experience in the Netherlands to invest in entrepreneurs in the African media sector.Pim de Wit15K – 150K
African Development Corporation is a financial services group focusing on the highly profitable banking and insurance marketManfred Heid150K – 500K
Alden Impact is an Android application for children in the Kenyan Primary School education system.Stefan-Erik von Euw150K – 500K
Alitheia Capital Capital is the financial advisor arm of a Swiss family office. Its investments meet strict economic criteria in combination with social and environmental return.Kingsley Aigbe & Mobola Onibonoje50K – 150K
Annona Sustainable Impact Fund is a commercial Venture Capital fund that invests in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).Walter Hetterschijt500K+
CMA Investment Holdings is the investment vehicle of the Wahi Family.Rakesh Wahi500K+
 Capital Seaweed is a private investment company that was established in 2005 and invests in start-ups, early and expansion/growth stage companies.EB Whitaker15K – 50K
Centripetal Capital Partners brings together expert people, unique opportunities, and inflection point capital to generate the Centripetal Force.J Skyler Fernandez15K – 50K
Chembe Ventures Seed capital for web, mobile and community ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa.Sean Murphy5K – 15K
DOB Foundation invests in established businesses in East Africa looking for growth capital.Hedwig Siewertsen500K+
Elea wants to achieve sustainable, positive and tangible impact to the direct benefit of people challenged by the globalization process.Stefan Kappeler500K+
Elticap is a specialist VC/PE firm that seeks to unlock business value by working extensively with company management on a daily or weekly basis.Barry Levett5K – 15K
eVentures Africa Fund (eVA Fund) is the first venture capital firm investing in African SME’s active in digital media.Vincent Kouwenhoven & Brian Hirman150K – 500K
Fanisi Capital is a US50M fund which makes direct investments (private equity and venture capital) in businesses with potential for substantial growth.Ammar Jiwaji500K+
GroFin is focused on supporting the success of small-to-medium-sized business owners with more than finance.Amy Heydenrych150K – 500K+
Growth Africaidentifies business opportunities in Africa and brings people and organisations together who can effectively seize and grow these opportunities.Johnni Kjelsgaard15K – 50K
Horizen Ventures AfricaHorizen Ventures Africa is an early stage fund focused on ICT and disruptive low- tech solutions.Philip Kiracofe150K – 500K
Incluvest is an impact investment company that contributes to the sustainable improvement of living conditions in developing countries.John Lindhout50K – 150K
Innovation 4 Africa i.4.A. is an investment company focused on identifying strategic market opportunities in technology.Lino Carcoforo15K – 50K
Investment Management an investment advisory and management company based in Nairobi Kenya offering debt and equity structuring for companies and manages portfolios for high networth individuals. Svein Mork Dahl500K+
J2Partners Business development with a focus on private sector growth firms in Africa.Joel Patenaude15K – 50K
Jacana Partners is a pan-African private equity company that invests in entrepreneurs, builds successful small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).Simon Merchant500K+
Kitendo Capital is an Angel Impact Investment fund focusing on developing countries in Asia and Africa.Dariu Trueb150K – 500K
Kukua Fund has been established by RLabs and Bertha Foundation to discover and invest in Africa’s high potential internet and mobile start-ups driving social change.Marlon Parker15K – 50K
Mara Launch Uganda Fund is a Venture Capital fund that provides financing for start-up businesses or already existing business with high risk but high growth prospects.Nigel Ball5K – 15K
Matamba Anonaka Technology Holdings (MATHs), is the first technology focused Venture Capital Company in Zimbabwe.Geoff Goss15K – 50K
The MEST Incubator was founded to support the overall mission of MEST by providing seed funding, guidance and support for graduates of our training program.Michael Syzmanski50K – 150K
Praxis is a U.S. based investment and consultancy firm with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Viola Llewellyn150K – 500K+
Premanco Venturesis a California based family office. Premanco Ventures identifies, invests and advises innovative technology.Mark Pretorious15K – 50K
Probaton new media concepts & consultancyJohan Schaap5K – 15K
Sanaga Venturesactively invests in and supports new and emerging ventures across the African continent.Ben White & Bill Zimmerman5K – 20K
Sand Hill Angels is a group of successful Silicon Valley executives and accredited investors that are passionate about entrepreneurialism and the commercialization of disruptive new technologies.Ravi Agarwal15K – 50K
Social Venture Capital (SOVEC) is an investment fund set up by Dutch entrepreneurs to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)Paul van Aalst & Sander van Oyen150K-500K
The TBL Mirror Fund provides Venture Capital for East African Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Sarah W. Ngamau500K+
TLcom Capital is a London-based venture capital firm investing in Telecom, Media and Technology.  TLcom TIDE, a new fund, focuses on tech and innovation in Sub Saharan Africa.Ido Sum500K+
Toronto Enterprise Fund seeks to be a leader in supporting the development and sustainability of social purpose enterprises.Jerome Kisting50K – 150K
TVC Labs maintains its own seed capital fund for investment in incubated companies.H. Tomi Davies15K – 50K
Verod Capital is a principal investment and financial advisory boutique focused on Nigeria and the rest of West Africa.Ibukun Sorinola500K+

*This is a selection from the investors currently registered as part of the VC4Africa investor network.

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