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I'm a software/systems engineer originally from Seattle, WA. I worked for 10+ years for Microsoft and smaller companies in the greater Pacific Northwest. During this time, I did a stint with an internet incubator at the height of the dot-com boom and gained valuable insight into the world of venture capital and what it takes to get a technology startup off the ground. After exiting my own company, I packed up and moved to Buea, the heart of Cameroon's vibrant startup culture, where I mentored (and learned from!) the best and brightest tech entrepreneurs in the country. I am the co-founder of VC4A and ActivSpaces, an open coworking space, innovation hub and early-stage incubator for Cameroonian techies.  

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Why are you interested in being part of VC4Africa?

I thrive on creativity, open collaboration and the free exchange of ideas and connections. VC4A aims to break down the biggest barriers that prevent entrepreneurs from realizing their full potentials. I couldn’t be happier to be involved in building this platform.

To Offer

My areas of personal expertise include the following:

Engineering and IT, Finance, Legal, Product Development, Strategy and Planning

I can also offer the following expertise to the VC4Africa community:

I can offer the community my insights as a technologist with a special focus on Africa, mentoring for early-stage startups, financing advice and building connections in this space.

Looking For

I am seeking expertise/coaching in the following areas:

Legal, Sales and Marketing

I also hope to gain the following from the VC4Africa community:

I hope to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and investors who want to see the African business space thrive. Let’s shake this tree and see what fruit falls out.