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Register as a VC4A Investor

  • I am an active and accredited investor. Additional information about investor accreditation.
  • List the angel or VC investments you have made (maximum 3). Exclude investments in public or secondary markets, companies you've founded, or companies where you received equity in exchange for services.
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  • What is the average deal size of your investments? (in US$)
  • List any countries where you prefer to focus your investments.
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  • To verify your status as investor please include the name and email address of at least one investor contact who can serve as a reference. It is possible we send them an email asking them to confirm your investor status.
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  • You are responsible for doing due diligence on investment opportunities and any decisions you make.
    You indemnify VC4Africa and understand the risks in making these investments.
    You will use an attorney and comply with securities laws in the applicable country if you invest.
    VC4Africa is not liable or held to account for the information is presents or the individuals (or their actions) who are part of its network.