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My name is Ben White. I was born in the deserts of New Mexico but quickly found the urge to travel. I have spent several years working and living in different countries across Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. At some point along the way I discovered my love for kicking around with starting projects. It’s always about the bold ideas doomed to fail :) There is something in the process of starting a new business that I love and at the same time I see the potential entrepreneurship has to change the world. A lot of my work is Africa related. It’s not something I planned but more something that just happened. If I spend more than three hours anywhere in Africa I somehow manage to find an entrepreneur doing cool things. I can’t help but want to be involved in building new businesses in beautiful yet challenging climates. It might very well be the entrepreneurial struggle that drives me most and Africa where I see the most potential.  

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Why are you interested in being part of VC4Africa?

Because I see a genuine need to work together more constructively. I think there is a need for information and a place to share, network and meet openly. I drive to create a meaningful experience for fellow VC4Africa members.

To Offer

My areas of personal expertise include the following:

Finance, Product Development, Sales and Marketing, Strategy and Planning

I can also offer the following expertise to the VC4Africa community:

Entrepreneurship, Concept Development, Business Development, Program Development, Fundraising, Sales Strategy, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
Terrain: United States, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Public sector, Private sector, Government
Interests: Social Venture, Start up, New Media, Social Media, Internet, Web, Mobile, ICTs for Development, International Cooperation

Looking For

I am seeking expertise/coaching in the following areas:

Engineering and IT, Finance, Human Resources, Legal

I also hope to gain the following from the VC4Africa community:

I am interested in supporting starting entrepreneurs in any way that I can :) You can contact me to at !