Tremendoc Limited Using technology to provide basic consultations from licensed doctors

Tremendoc is a solution that allows patients get basic consultations by chatting or having audio/video calls with licensed Doctors 24/7 via its website or mobile app. Tremendoc is solving two problems, for the patient in Africa with limited access to healthcare and the inconvenience attached to receiving Healthcare and secondly the plague of low pay to Doctors in Nigeria and Africa in general.
Patients: Because of how Doctors are not paid well in Nigeria a huge portion of them are relocating to get better jobs internationally providing a huge void in the healthcare system, causing long waiting time in Hospital or the use of health professionals instead of Doctors, with tremendoc patients are able to receive consultations from Doctors remotely, who get on the service when they are less busy to make money.
Doctors: They are able to make extra revenue to support them, as they can set their availability and earn a portion of the consultation charge on each consultation made by them