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Silk Dew CO., Ltd. Aid to mother's arts.

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Silk Dew CO., Ltd.

Silk Dew CO., Ltd.

From a fashion designer to retailer to consultant for various brands, at the same time in charge of an association for Mother’s Arts for the past 15 years, I now has enough courage and experience to commit myself to communicate for the Taiwan’s aboriginal people to the world, for not just sharing their valuable wisdom and all the beautiful skillful craftsmanship while living, but also their attitude with ways to accepting changes with the challenge from the world, such as 16 different tribes within one small island to interact to, has and will become ta powerful mentor if we care to connect each other with our specialty and resource wisely both locally and globally, the system we about to create together shall not be only a good food system, but a joyful uplifting community inner and outside the human world, for the youth to look forward to, and us to enjoy to.

SectorsArts, Educational services, Marketing and PR
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