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Phronesis Foods Nigeria Limited Healthy foods, healthy family

Cover image of Phronesis Foods Nigeria Limited, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Phronesis Foods Nigeria Limited

Phronesis Foods Nigeria Limited

1. We discovered that Ukwa (African Breadfruit) is not readily available as it is only accessed during a particular season
2. Feedback from customers revealed that some vendors are processing Ukwa inorganically
3. We realized that many consumers are not aware of Ukwa nutritional benefits
4. We also discovered lapses in food safety via distributions

1. We designed a 3-tier storage process that ensures we have Ukwa available in all seasons
2. I leveraged my Mother’s over 30 years of experience in Ukwa processing to design a zero-chemical process that cuts out customers’ complaints of buying inorganically processed Ukwa.
3. We built an online presence – website, social media presence and leveraged them to educate customers about Ukwa and the nutritional benefits.
4. Leveraging the nutritional benefits, we created new food product lines from Ukwa like Ukwa Poundo, Ukwa Cereal, Ukwa Snack, Ukwa flour.
4. We designed a Blockchain platform that monitors our

Sectors Agribusiness, Food production, Wholesale
Location Nigeria
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