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Oniocha Ltd Stress free access to any book you can imagine

Cover image of Oniocha Ltd, Education venture on VC4A

There is a wide gap in the access to quality books in Africa, and no one is actively doing anything about it. On the other hand, authors, writers, and publishers do not have an easy way to reach their audiences with their works to make enough money to fend for themselves.

Oniocha Ltd is an edtech which provides a series of web and mobile based software applications and services. The company is positioned to penetrate the market with a tool that bridges the gap in the book market and aids redistribution. We created a peer-to-peer marketplace where individuals buy, sell, and swap books. Authors will use the platform to launch their publications and students will be able to sell and trade textbooks for extra cash on campus. The platform will also cater to book requests.

Our management team is a mix of e-commerce and technology experts who have come up with a fresh concept and an ambitious but achievable plan to build it into a thriving new business.

Sectors Education, Retail
Location Accra, Ghana
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