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Marula Proteen Limited Cleaning cities, feeding millions, employing the future.

Cover image of Marula Proteen Limited, Animal farming venture on VC4A

We are a completely circular solution. We feed organic municipal solid waste to insect larvae, which are processed into animal feed and crop fertilizer. Kampala generates over 4800t of waste daily, 80% is organic and only 40% is collected; all collected waste goes to Kitezi landfill, which is at full capacity. Our Proteen factory is accessible; our vertical system allows us to operate from within the city; waste trucks drive 1km versus 16km. We are the first and largest company in Uganda utilizing bio-mimicry by feeding all of this waste to larvae. We are a fully integrated solution that produces its own larvae eggs in a separate facility and is the first company to retrofit an existing warehouse space into an Urban Insect Farm. We are solving the animal feed crisis because farmers rely on either expensive imported feeds or cheap and low-quality silverfish, we offer a local high-quality alternative. (Coffee) farmers love our fertilizer because of its regenerative properties and price.

Sectors Animal farming, Crop farming, Waste management and recycling
Location Uganda
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