LOMBRISOL Lombrisol is an economical and sustainable ecological solution

Lombrisol it’s collection the treatment and recovery of biowaste for the production of organic fertilizer by vermicomposting.
Lombrisol is a biotechnology company that was founded based on scientific research. Lombrisol focuses on organic waste recycling using composting and vermicomposting technologies. Lombrisol aims to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly technology for organic waste recycling to produce biofertilizers for sustainable and organic farming.
Lombrisol offers innovative and sustainable solutions which solve organic waste’s problem. Lombrisol’s newly developed technology, bioreactor which will permit the automating of the vermicomposting process for continuous production of biofertilizers.

StageGrowth stage EST April 2019
SectorsAgritech, Waste management and recycling
LocationAgadir Melloul, Morocco
Customer modelB2B, B2C
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