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Lluvia Sólida Technology to retain moisture in the root hydrating it for weeks

Cover image of Lluvia Sólida, Agritech venture on VC4A

Lluvia Sólida

Lluvia Sólida

Solid Rain is a technology that is placed at the root of any plant, crop, garden, pot, etc. It is a white granulated polymer that retains a part of the water used for irrigation or rain, keeping the root hydrated steadily for weeks, without the need for irrigation or rain, spacing the irrigation frequencies. It allows the plant to develop without water stress, nor risk of drying, rehydrating with the following rain or irrigation, with a useful life of 6 to 9 years according to the application. Managing to save up to 90% water and associated costs irrigation, optimizing and taking advantage of the use of rainwater and irrigation.

Sectors Agritech
Location Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico
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