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Kumbatia Seafood 'Unless It's Fresh!'

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The Kenyan Coast’s fishery is an underutilized resource with the opportunity to sustainably lift coastal communities out of poverty. However, most fishermen struggle financially and catch their yields unsustainably.
In EA, there is significant shortage of high-quality, sustainably-caught, and locally-sourced seafood. Settling for frozen seafood imported from other continents or locally-caught protein of compromised freshness, traceability, and supply consistency.
With current production of around ~9000 metric tons per annum, the maximum sustainable yield of the region’s fisheries is estimated at ~150,000-300,000 metric tons.
Through world-class fishery extension services, state-of-the-art cold chain technology, climate modeling, and smart logistics, Kumbatia Seafood will provide East Africa with premium quality Indian Ocean seafood procured in an environmentally sustainable manner that socioeconomically empowers Kenya’s historically marginalized small-scale fishing communities.

LocationUtange, Kenya
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