OceanHub Africa

Accelerate innovative impact-driven start-ups in Africa to protect our Oceans

We depend on the oceans, and the ocean depends on us.

We are building an ocean-impact accelerator in Cape Town, to help existing African ocean-minded initiatives grow and overseas project scale-up in Africa, to inspire more entrepreneurs to join the movement and find solutions for our threatened marine ecosystems.

Our Vision

Be the movement that inspires more ocean-conscious entrepreneurs and form the tribe that demonstrates the commercial viability of an ocean-minded economy.

Our Mission

Provide a platform – digitally, physically and emotionally – where entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, businesses and other stakeholders can connect, inspire, collaborate and access the resources they need to succeed

  • Protection + Depollution
  • Climate Change
  • Conservation + Biodiversity
  • Tourism + Water-sports
  • Shipping + Ship Manufacturing
  • Harvest
  • Marine Energies


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Location 40 Dock Road, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Targets South Africa
Sectors Environmental services