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Kounouho Office Biscuits in the Fruit Kits

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Our project is the production and marketing of fruit biscuits: cas Biscuit du coco; to reduce the post-recolte losses recorded in this sector and also to meet the constant need of customers who become demanding on the quality of what they eat through the nutritional complement of our products.

We solve the problem of the need to feed into a dry fastfood product in addition to what, or a nutritional supplement based on fruit.

Our project offers jobs and contributes to improving the living conditions of the players in the fruit sector especially the producers at the base who recorded large losses without us (according to USAID in 2017, 35 % of coco are not harvested and 65 % harvested, 50 % are rotten)

SectorsFood and beverage
LocationKetou, Benin
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